Want To Add Features To Your Funnels That ClickFunnels Does Not Offer Out Of The Box . . .


CF Power Scripts is #1 ClickFunnels add-on that lets you integrate additional features to your funnels that Clickfunnels does not offer out of the box.
CF Power Scripts is a set of unique tools that will let you bring your ClickFunnels powered funnels to the next level!

We know how overwhelming it can be ...

When it comes to adding custom features to your funnels you, most likely, face some of the following problems:
 You would need to write some custom code, but you do NOT have (and, honestly, do not need) required skills.
Some ready-to-use solutions still feel challenging as they overcomplicate what you need to do.
Hiring a developer to create a custom solution for you can take quite some time and investment.

What if we tell you that it can be done much easier and faster?!

CF Power Scripts lets you easily add useful features to your funnels
with just a few mouse clicks EVEN if you are not tech-savvy... 
So you do NOT need to hire somebody or waste your time, which means you'll be able to focus on other important tasks.
  • 40+ scripts available for your funnels that will let you enable real-time email validation, reCAPTCHA, full lead & conversion tracking with Facebook pixel, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager integration and so MUCH MORE...
  • Three user plans (including a FREE plan) with different sets of scripts so you can decide yourself which plan fits you the best...
  • Trouble-free and automated integration and management of the features without copy-pasting any code which means it requires almost NO effort from your side and minimizes the chance of making a mistake...
  • ​Feature requests so YOU can decide which script we will deliver next!
  • Facebook community for CF Power Scripts users to help you get most out of our tool and stay up to date with new features we deliver for YOU!
  • Priority Support in Slack to get your questions answered without any delay (available on a VIP plan).


Seamlessly connect your ClickFunnels account with 
CF Power Scripts to start adding scripts to your funnels.


Select the features you want to add to your funnels. We've got a variety of scripts you can use!

Add Script

With a few mouse clicks add a CF Power Script (or multiple scripts) to all your funnels, one funnel or a particular funnel page.
Don't take our word for it, see what our happy users have to say:
Andy Griffith
Movement Formula
"CF Power Scripts has changed the game for taking funnel performance to the next level. It's incredibly simple and easy to use. My online business performs even better because of it. Thank you for creating this! "
Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson
Self Hypnosis For Healing
"CF Power Scripts allowed me to easily install a reCaptcha onto my opt-in pages. It is well designed and has videos walking you through everything. Everything about CF Power Scripts is simple and vastly improved my funnels. Awesome!"
Nick Bueckle

"CF Power Scripts literally solved ALL of my issues in the easiest way possible. This is by far the best product I have invested in! I can only recommend this to everyone who uses Clickfunnels. CF Power Scripts will for sure save you hours!"
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Built with and hosted at ClickFunnels®.
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